4 out of 10

4 horsemen

Despite a growing litany of economic, social and political problems nationwide, the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd on Wall Street (and much of the financial media that lives off them) would have you believe all is well.

Not too long ago, the State of New Jersey was considered by many to being doing rather well on most fronts. It’s Governor, Chris Christie, saw his popularity grow in part because of this belief.

Today we learn nearly 4 out of 10 families can’t afford basic necessities (and this fact will be used by those who don’t want to see Christie as a Presidential candidate). Sadly, I don’t believe New Jersey is the exception to the rule in our once great Union of States.

While I believe those of us in the 6 out of 10 are called to help those less fortunate, there’s a growing belief among some on the 6 out of 10 that if more and more people get in the wagon versus pulling it, eventually the wagon will come to a screeching halt.

I understand the plight of all sides and that’s why I’m sorry to say the next big battle for America won’t be against terrorism, but instead be a war among classes in America. While it certainly began before his watch, Obama has clearly been an accelerator to this burning fire.