911 – A Horrible Tragedy That Has Only Grown Worse

Posted by on September 10, 2016 - 7:57 am


For me, this picture  will always remind me the true ramifications from the most evil day in modern history. Sadly, the pain and suffering from those horrific acts has grown worse for tens of thousands of men and women who answered the call as 911 First Responders.

While America rallied for those lives tragically taken that day, 911 First Responders have been woefully mistreated despite the efforts of some, and especially that of one man.

Friends ask me, “Peter, is Klecko or Fotiu your biggest hero?” My answer is, “Neither. John Feal is.”

When I pass from this life, one of my “many” regrets will be I couldn’t have done more for the 911 First Responders community. I truly pray that some time during “eternity”, I’m honored by having the privilege and honor to shake every 911 First Responders hands and thank them for all who forgot what true American heroes they were.

G, Bo Kimble and John Feal

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