9/11 Remains Front and Center in the Grandich Household

Posted by on December 13, 2015 - 10:40 pm


I was honored today to receive this flag that was flown over the “Ground Zero WTC Site”. It was a privilege to support the WTC Memorial Golf Outing

Mary and I remain deeply concern about the treatment of the 911 First Responders and are grateful for what my #1 hero John Feal (he surpasses my affection for Joe Klecko and Nick Fotiu combined) and his team at the Fealgood Foundation are doing.

Why do these 40,000 men and women who answered the call after America’s worst modern-day tragedy have to fight for support that was promised them from day one (but took years to come about in water down fashion and now even that wants to be taken away)?

Mary and I are ashamed the way our country treats heroes from wars and who answered the call on America’s worst day in history and the weeks and months that followed.

Words alone can never begin to express our gratitude for those First Responders lost on that day and the months and years that followed.

God Bless You All! God Bless America!

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