A Blast From The Past

Posted by on July 23, 2016 - 7:40 am

Having done well over 500 TV and radio appearances during my 30+ years in and around Wall Street, I was extremely grateful to receive two videos from my good friend, Gary Gellman (I was his very first corporate client over 25 years ago. Now he’s the photographer to the stars!).

The first is an introduction video he shot sometime around 1990.

It includes a bit of my appearance on the “Morton Downey Jr.” a very young Neil Cavuto (Who I estimated interviewed me more than any other financial commentator), Bill Griffith and also shall see Ron Insana’s very first live interview (It was me) back on the old FNN (Financial News Network).

The second video is the intro to my show on the old Monmouth Cablevision.

In my first battle with depression in the late 90s, I threw out all my videos of interviews and print media. This was very special that Gary found these old tapes, as it will be  a blast for my daughter and friends who never saw me back when I was a “legend in my own mind”. 

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