A Giant Thought

e speaking at NY Giants Chapel


I’ve never spoken publicly nor have penned anything that violates any trust placed on me in my now 13th year doing Bible study and Chapel with the NY Giants. However, after last night’s game and the subsequent “chatter from players and fans, I will share my own personal thoughts on this matter.

My wife tells people how I “use” to be back in the days when I considered myself a “die-hard” Jets fan. I would yell, throw things and curse (and that was just during the coin flip!). Ironically, my transformation into a Giants fan not only spared me from the grief that became so regular as a Jets fan, but it taught me that all things are indeed possible through Christ.

Like most Giants fans, I was sick to my stomach at games end last night. I literally took a sleeping aid because I knew my brain was racing and falling asleep would be a challenge.

I awoke today and almost picked up where I had left off before popping the pill. Emails, texts and phone calls about the game awaited me. After just a few reviews, I found myself becoming upset. Fortunately, I remembered something the Giants Chaplin told me years ago after I asked him about how he handled such tough losses. He basically noted he reminded himself it was only a game and what he and others took away from it to better than Christian life, will be by far the most important aspect to what had occurred.

Last year, I did the Giants Chapel before the away Eagles game. When done, a young man I had not seen before or didn’t notice, came up to me to speak about what I had just shared. I would go on to learn more about him and discovered he had some major challenges in his young life. He was clearly in a struggle between continuing a secular life that had trouble written all over it, or choose to truly give his life to Christ and free himself from the bondage that clearly was strangling him.

I will not violate the trust I mentioned at the beginning by naming him, but I will tell you he is among a few players who fans are painting goats head on this morning.

I hope he shall be at Bible Study and Chapel this upcoming week and through the Grace of Almighty God, may he and all those who face adversity, remember this very important biblical verse: