A Sunday Thought

Posted by on November 8, 2015 - 8:29 am


The holidays shall soon be upon us. While we over indulge on Thanksgiving and over spend on Christmas, many will also make a New Year’s Resolution (which shall be DOA – Dead on Arrival) to handle our finances better.

As someone who was looked upon to be an expert at doing so (but stumbled and fumbled despite the self-appointed greatness), I can finally say I’m on the right path.

For me, that path was not to get caught up in the “religious” aspects of the most read book in history and instead, just focus on the fact that tens of thousands of financial books have come and gone (along with millions of so-called financial experts- all of whom faltered and fell short like the rest of us) but the Holy Bible is still around after a couple thousand years (and its second most talked about subjects are matters on money and possessions).

It’s no coincidence that debt has strangled both governments and individuals alike worldwide, yet the Bible doesn’t have one good thing to say about it (and is full of warnings about obtaining it).

The media will talk about Warren Buffet and what he says to do, when the Bible tells the story of a truly rich man worth a 1,000 Buffet’s in his time – King Solomon. His wisdom and guidance are among the greatest principles one can employ on matters of finance. But like so many of us today, he too fell victim to sin (and especially idolatry) and turned his back on God (My backaches come from all my turns).

There’s a lot of things I’m not proud of; but among the things I am, this publication of mine entitled “A Biblical Perspective on Matters of Finance” has been a blessing to many. I pray it shall be to you too.

Have a most blessed Sunday and peace be truly with you!

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