Another Reason Why I Love All Things Irish

Posted by on March 15, 2017 - 7:12 am

While raised in an Italian “lifestyle”, I would fall madly in love with a 100% born-and-raised in Ireland lass (married in Birr, County Offaly, Ireland 4/20/81). Since then, I’ve become a “junkie” for all things Irish.

Thank God I did, as it was in early 2015, when I took one of my hundreds of walks through the “Irish Riviera” (also known as Spring Lake, NJ). I stopped in a store that not only transports you to Ireland the moment you enter, but has become a place of friendship and love for my Irish Lass and I.

From the “2nd” best county in all of Ireland, Galway, the Rushe family has made the “Irish Centre” the single best Irish store I ever been blessed to visit. Many others agree.

Here’s a video my good friend, John Archibald, was kind enough to shoot, after boxing great Gerry Cooney left us this past Sunday.

And if you visit on a Friday (including this St. Patrick’s Day), they have a OFF-A-LY nice woman working there.

P.S. How well did the mixture of Irish and Italian work out?

Truly the greatest gift Almighty God could bless me with, my daughter Tara Marie (You didn’t think I wouldn’t let part of her name be Italian-Marie-lol).

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