Back From Ireland – Working Vacation Now

Posted by on August 24, 2017 - 5:44 am

Having first visited Ireland back in 1980, I’ve mixed feelings from my latest trip to that “wee-little” country in the North Atlantic.

The beauty itself is still second to none; but like here, Almighty God has taken a back seat (if not totally kicked off the bus) to worldly views and lifestyle. And if you think there’s a strong lean to the left here, Ireland has made such a hard move to the left, I feel if it goes any further it would be like going pass the “ninth wave”.

While my daughter didn’t win the Rose of Tralee (she truly didn’t go there to do so), she did honor her “Grannie” in her brief interview to the audience. In addition, the girl representing my wife’s county, Offaly, did win; and we all, including Tara, were thrilled with that ( the first time the county won it).

Tara Marie Grandich above and now more popular than her old man (that wasn’t hard).

And best of all for me, I met my grand niece for the first time (a poster child for a young Irish girl):

Please note – I will now be on a working vacation until after Labor Day. Feel free to contact us if needed and I will update my observations on markets and economy here no later than Monday

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