Bah-Humbug Free Until New Year (Well Almost)

'For Christmas, I'd like a nice 'Santa Claus Rally'.'
‘For Christmas, I’d like a nice ‘Santa Claus Rally’.’

As previously noted, yours truly shall not be known as “Bah-Humbug Pete” between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. So while I post below some tidbits that may not qualify for the homepage at DONTWORRYBEHAPPY.COM, I will “refrain” from speaking my mind until the egg-nog is gone and they actually crown a winner of the dreadful NFC EAST

  • Santa’s list may be long, but the number of bearish factors regarding the stock market increase just about every week. While the mythical “Santa Claus Rally” is tossed about more than NY Giants Tom Coughlin choice to go for it on fourth and two, yours truly shall merely make “mention” of these factors at this time. But come January, the bear suit shall be back on, and claws sharpen for what should be some good feasts on bull meat as 2016 marches on.
  • I have bang the table hard in the second half of 2015 over the avoidance of high-yield (junk) bonds and the coming auto loan crisis. The banging shall only grow louder in the New Year.
  • While Americans are truly sadden by the recent terrorists attacks here and abroad, I don’t think they have even begun to take into account the impact it shall have economically, socially and politically. On one side is a group who some simply say “Nuke’em”, while the other side has a President who can’t bring himself to say “Radical Islamic Terrorist”. Until a middle ground of recognition by all that it’s a war, the terrorists will make headway sadly.
  • Sorry but there’s something “unholy” about this.
  • I agree with Bill Gross – a “seven-out” crap call is not a question of if, but when.