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While a blue moon is more frequent than my trips to the movie theatre, this Christmas season just may see me make no fewer than three trips to the big screen. I hope to see the movie’s “Brooklyn”, “The Big Short” and “Concussion”.

Brooklyn is about a young Irish Lass coming to America and falling in love (I lived this one in real life). The Big Short is about the last financial crisis. You would’ve needed to be in a cave the last decade to not know what Concussion is about if you’re a sports fan.

Obviously I’ve some personal interests in all three.

By working and being around numerous professional athletes these last 15 years, I’ve witnessed the dramatic physical and mental results of former warriors from the field of battle; whether it happened on a football field, a sheet of ice, etc.

Among the many walking wounded, my friend and Trinity board member Ray Lucas could be the poster boy sadly for all that has gone wrong for so many former professional athletes.

I encouraged you to watch this story of Ray; listen to his comments on the movie Concussion, and say a prayer for him and many others you once cheered or boo for your sports entertainment enjoyment.

Because of the recognition of what has happened to those who played many different contact sports, we’re witnessing a significant drop in youth sports participation. That has some interesting social and economic impacts to come.

PG and Ray Lucas

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