Death, Taxes and Fed Hike

I predict the FED hikes interest rates today!

Based on my track record, I’m destined for a job with the National Weather Service (NWS).

I suspect a relief rally for stocks and bonds is already underway, unless for some unknown reason, the FED appears more hawkish in its comments today (fatal mistake if they do).

Since the 10yr. T-Bond wasn’t able to bust out above a key line in the sand around 2.60%, I don’t see a lot of asset allocation switch programs being implemented.

I find the economy much softer and am not in the camp that believes this is the start of a series of many interest rate hikes. In fact, by 2018, I suspect we shall see the FED once again creating new “funny money”, as the world and the U.S. slip further down the economic growth scale.

Geopolitical concerns will run neck and neck with further political and social unrest here in the U.S.

I find safety in cash, gold and most importantly by far, Jesus Christ!