Debt is a Four Letter Word in my Book

Posted by on September 25, 2014 - 9:47 am


Despite being an author and knowing even my financial mentor, Frank Congilose has written three great books, I believe if we tossed out every single book ever written about finances but one, we all would be better off if we listened to that one book.

That book is the Bible. Forget about reading it for spiritual reasons and instead just as an historical collection of writings. If we did and practiced what it preaches, our finances would all be better off no matter our income.

The Bible second most talked about topic is matters of money and finances. Think about it, the author or authors whether God inspired or not, saw fit to make matters of finance the second most talked about topic in the most read book in history. Thousands of books on finance have come and gone yet this book has stood the test of time.

One of the most interesting financial facts about the Bible is you won’t find one positive verse about debt. In fact, the book is full of warnings of the dangers of debt.

I’m often asked what’s the best investment these days. My answer isn’t normally welcomed but it’s the absolute best to start with – lower or eliminate your debt. The financial rewards are great but the mental freedom is worth millions.

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