Don’t Worry, Be Happy Crowd to Regroup

cartoon financial advisors

When 2015 started, yours truly took a position it was better to be a live chicken versus a dead duck and said it appeared wise to greatly lower equity exposure here and abroad. I continuously spoke about America had begun its worse economic, social and political era ever. I noted this type of talk wasn’t good for business and how complacent investors and the so-called professional community were with markets here and abroad.

Despite significant losses here and especially abroad; just like you can wager the sun will come out tomorrow, the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd will regroup over the weekend and rev up their leading Pied Pipers on CNBC-TV and other places where they hawk their wares.

What about me you ask? I will do two things:

  • Make myself available to anyone who would like to speak to me on matters of finance (email me
  • Feel like this man when reviewing what is occurring in worldwide financial markets.

To those who had joined me below – keep your head down. The “fun” has only just begun!