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A few points of interest in addition to last night’s posting:

  • A must read article
  • Several readers have asked if I knew a good financial adviser on gold and mining shares. The absolute best one by far, is Ben Johnson of First Securities Northwest. I spoke with Ben at major investment conferences going back to the early 1990s. Ben has over 42 years investment experience and knows metals and mining inside-out. I’ve no compensation arrangement nor would I accept any, except to know one would be in very good hands. I suspect if you rang Ben and mentioned my name, he clearly chat with you on the phone.
  • I will be live on the Drew Mariani Show at 5PM DST today (I will post audio of interview this evening or tomorrow).
  • Knowing many readers are from out of my area, please note, beginning after Easter, I would gladly welcome spending some time with you in my Spring Lake, NJ office if you take the time to visit my favorite Jersey town. Consider me the “unofficial” poster boy for Spring Lake tourism.
  • Last but certainly not least, I received many gracious emails and even worthy constructive criticism ones (wish the wife would just say it versus sending me an email – lol) after my multiple postings regarding me and the markets. Please allow me to post just one that made it all worthwhile in my eyes (I respectfully left out the persons last name):

Mr. Grandich,

 I have been reading your commentary for many years.  As you, I have made some money and I have lost some too (Of course, I am in the thousands dollar league).  I have always believe that you have been an influence but the results of the investments have been based on my own decision.  I take responsibility  of my actions.

 I just wanted to tell you that I understand your reluctance to provide financial opinions and it is your right to do so.  However, I do believe that God has granted you a gift that not everyone has.   Through the years, by providing your input, you have help some of us to have some hope that there is out there someone trying to help without expecting something in return.

 I believe that we all have something that has been giving to us that we can use to help others and yours is your ability to read the financial tea leaves.

 This email may be selfish on my part but it you provide the financial input once in awhile, you will be helping me, may be not financially, but personally in the believe that someone really  honestly cares for others.


Antonio Z_____

Thank you Antonio and to all who have written.

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