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Posted by on August 29, 2016 - 8:32 am

I’ve worked with professional athletes for 15 years and for the most part, their personal beliefs (or non-beliefs) generally match that of society. However, as we (and hopefully others do too) at Trinity share with them how truly blessed they’ve been by having the ability to do something that so few can do anywhere near as good as them (and get very well paid in doing so), we make it a point to in sharing what a gift they’ve also been given to have a platform to speak to the world from.

One young “mixed-up” man made a poor choice IMHO (and apparently in the minds and hearts of many others) and is facing a raft of not so kind remarks (deserving, but perhaps not done in a Godly fashion).

As noted last evening, the NY Giants organization once again demonstrated their high-class, by responding in a manner where action indeed spoke much louder than words.

IF I had a chance to share with Colin Kaepernick, I would simply have him watch this video and tell him that to many Americans, its visions like this that make the National Anthem so important for them to stand to when they hear it. If his heart can’t see that and honor that, well, I live on the belief (and shall die with it) that God will judge all our hearts and entrust he’s a far better judge than I (and therefore leave what so many feel right now Colin should face, to Him to decide for eternity).

Have a most blessed day everyone!

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