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In order to serve my clients better, I have decided to reorganize my corporate structure by reducing from three entities to two entities. The surviving entities are: Peter Grandich & Company ( and Trinity Financial Sports & Entertainment Management Company ( The purpose of the reorganization was my desire to focus more upon two companies in order to continue to provide the outstanding financial services that my clients have enjoyed over the past 32+ years.

Effective immediately, The Athletes and Business Alliance (ABA) will cease operations and its website ( will be terminated at the end of this month. For those ABA members, who submit an emailed request to me (, I will provide the contact information of the other members. I had arrived at this very difficult decision because I had realized that I was unable to devote the appropriate amount of time to make ABA as great as both Peter Grandich & Company and Trinity Financial, Sports & Entertainment Management Company had become.

Those, who know me well, understand that if I cannot give 100% towards my businesses, then I feel that I am not carrying out my mandate of providing the best service possible. I am very grateful for the time and effort by everyone who was associated with the ABA and I consider it a success knowing how many were helped by ABA.

However, no decision is ever made in a vacuum, and, accordingly, I would like to thank the members of my advisory board, my close friends and my clients, and our newest advisory board member, John Archibald of Resolution Sports, for their counsel in assisting me to reach this difficult decision.



I have two plans going forward:


1 – Public Speaking will become a greater part of my professional life – again!

As 2014 unfolded, I started to drift from what that which was my #1 enjoyment for three decades:  public speaking. My public speaking took the form of radio/television media, appearances at major international conferences, regional/local major conferences and specially-requested speaking appearances before religious and secular community-based organizations.

While I do not wish to return to frequent media interviews, or to travel to  international conferences, I do feel that I have a God-given public speaking talent where I can continue to make a difference in people’s lives. With that said, after consulting with those around me, it has become apparent that I must return to public speaking to honor God’s gift to me.

2 – Put Jesus Christ front and center where He belongs!

Recent polls tell us many more Americans no longer believe in God. A generally-agnostic way of life has sadly become “mainstream”. Any and all expression against agnosticism is met with serious opposition and is beaten into submission. Even some in the Christian faith (Catholics and Protestants alike) have all but given up as a group to protect the traditional family values that have thrived in America since its inception. Only “God-light” preachers, who advocate “Prosperity Christianity”, seem to draw large attendance in churches presently.

When I had googled “Christian Advisors in New Jersey”, only two names appeared (and, although they may apparently confess their love for Christ personally, it appears to me that their businesses appear more secular-driven). In a state, such as New Jersey, full of Catholics and Protestants who practice their faith with love for our Savior, someone needs to be willing to endure any and all slings and arrows for “openly” advocating a “Christian” prospective on matters of finance, each and every day (not just when it is convenient, and amongst “friends”).

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, gave us a manual for life called “The Bible”. It is not a book of “don’ts”, as the enemy would have us believe, but rather, it is a book of “do’s”. And, in The Bible, the second most-talked-about topic is matters related to money. Several years ago I wrote about this, but I feel that I may not have done anywhere enough given the blessings and adversities that God allowed in my life. The time has come for me to become a more-visible and a better-heard advocate for this method of investing. I am available to discuss this with any single person or large group in order to bring God’s “Good News” to all of those who are willing to listen and to learn about the wisdom in this holy book.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I welcome your comments and constructive criticism. I’m already prepping for the attacks the evil one will surely send my way.

Through the Grace of God,





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