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Posted by on January 13, 2017 - 6:30 pm

As noted in my New Year’s commentary, my desire to be more “Christ-centered” in my companies continues to unfold.

I first met Jay Taylor back in the 1980s, when I was a stockbroker. He would do a few charity fundraisers here in NJ and NY, along with my daughter’s Godmother, Daria Dolan (who in the last two decades of the last millennium, was one the nation’s most listened to financial journalist, along with her husband Ken -both now retired).

Jay and I would then see each other several times a year as Speakers, at different metals and mining related investment conferences around the world. We found ourselves among just a handful of Speakers who would openly tie their Christian faith into their work (and were criticized for it in both at the conferences and on the Internet).

While I now start my fourth year “retired” from the metals and mining arena, Jay and I still stayed in touch. Upon learning of my desire to be more “Christ-centered”, Jay and I have agree for me to come on his long running show once a month and speak about matters of finance from a Christian perspective. Our first show will be this coming Tuesday.

I can see from Jay’s “promo”, he expects me to also put back on my metals and mining hat (what’s left of it I guess-lol) I would do this for very few people – Jay is one of them.

I hope you will listen live. I expect I will be able to post a recording of the interview a day or so after it’s completed.

On a personal note, five weeks ago, my 95yr.- old mother, was in hospice. We were called by the medical staff to come and see her as they expected her to pass very soon. Days went by, many of them my mother basically slept and ate next to nothing. One evening, the Eucharist Minister came in, and decided before we pray over her, to place a small piece of the Eucharist on her tongue (which she did swallow). Just about 36 hours later, we came into the nursing home to find my mother up, speaking and asking for a “hot-dog”.

Today, she ate all her meals, spoke to me for about 30 minutes, and besides still being bed-ridden and short term memory basically gone now, the entire medical staff all say the same thing – “we don’t recall anyone this far along in hospice, only to recover this much, and stay recovered!

It’s been a roller-coaster of emotion and mom wants us to spend even more time now with her. Miracle? I don’t think so. Reason only God knows why? Absolutely. And if this is what He wants, whom am I not to go along with it!

Praise God.

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