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Posted by on January 24, 2017 - 9:35 am

For a few years now, I’ve written about one of the “very few” financial journalists worthy of their position, John Crudele of the NY Post. I’ve been blessed to know John for a good portion of my 32+ years in and around Wall Street.

John has been demonstrating to me and others who would listen, that the monthly employment reports were being seriously fudged at times (if not almost always). He did so by noting facts and also referring to sources he stated were directly involved with the responsibility of gathering the information.

In John’s column today, he had to announce one of his sources because of the terrible treatment she received while Obama was in office. When you realize what was done to her, you can begin to appreciate how these folks knew the books were being cooked.

I, along with John and some others, have argued the so-called “Jobs recovery” wasn’t anything close to what the “government” was reporting.

Knowing how John pursues things, and the fact he has known Trump for years, I suspect this lady will see much fairer treatment going forward and hopefully the monthly employment numbers will be far more accurate before too long.

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