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Posted by on January 29, 2017 - 9:43 am

On Tuesday morning, we will lay my mom’s body to rest.

There are many people to thank since mom went into hospice in November, but a few need special thanks:

  • The staff at The Manor in Freehold, NJ. In this day and age where stories of poor treatment are heard often, my mom received the best care possible her entire two year stay there. May the good Lord bless all those wonderful workers.
  • My sister Sandy, who despite her own challenges, spent so much time at my mom’s bedside. I know my mom was especially pleased with her.
  • Father Ed Jawidzik from St. Robert’s Bellarmine. Handled my mom’s Catholic conversion, pray with her regularly (and held Mass at the manor every week) and gave comfort to our entire family.

But one person, went way beyond the call of duty from the day mom first moved in with us nine years ago – my wife Mary. No amount of words could fully describe what Mary did for mom during those nine years or express my full gratitude. If ever a man married way, way up, it is I!

Please know we’re at peace because we know and trust the Master of the Universe who welcomed my mom to her eternal home.

As Robert Frost said above, “Life Goes On”. That’s what my Mom would want us to do and I will from this moment on.

But before I do, in honor of her, I leave you with this. I hope you take just two minutes to watch and appreciate it as I did.

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