From The Desk of Peter Grandich

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”    Samuel Jackson

I tried… I really did. For about 3 years, I spent the vast majority of my business life, avoiding doing what I did daily for the previous 30 – regularly commenting on financial markets. I had done so because I concluded that only God knows the future. I also realized after seeing undeniable statistical evidence that active money management is a losing proposition for the vast majority, my prognosticating on financial markets may serve my ego, but not the pocketbooks of those who may have listened to me.

Yes, I would on occasion make mention on my financial market observations and yes, despite purposely avoiding media exposure for them, I still appeared regularly on one or two shows discussing them. However, I had become “adjusted” to this new daily life but over time, have yearned for the “old days”.

Yesterday, as I prepared to finally live “Lent” as God calls us too, an old habit (maybe even sinful) became too overbearing and I announced I personally shorted the stock market. I’d be the first to admit it, there was a rush of emotions both enacting that trade and speaking about it. Even on the way to noon Mass, I thought I could still somehow use my old habits to benefit where I came to believe my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ really wanted me to be (and doing His work instead of my failed human nature ways).

Thankfully, my #1 Angel, my wife, was with me. Thankfully, an old Irish priest was used by God to speak directly to me through his homily. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit got through my “swollen head” and brought me truly back to my knees before the Cross.

Sorry, but I can’t and won’t go back to the “Old Petey” (what a long time former subscriber of The Grandich Letter wrote in an email, encouraging me to go back to regularly speaking about markets).

I pray that he and any others I led to somehow believe this space would return to some sort of market advisory service, forgive me; but old habits indeed die hard – but mine was finally truly buried on Ash Wednesday, 2017.

I will continue to make occasional financial markets “observations”, and will speak about my personal shorting position in the next post.

“I hope, by God’s grace, that I am truly a Christian, not deviating from the faith, and that I would rather suffer the penalty of a terrible death than wish to affirm anything outside of the faith or transgress the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ.”   Jan Hus