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G and Gerry 2003

I met “Gentleman” Gerry Cooney during the infancy of our company. If you had the true blessing of knowing Gerry as I do, you would know the most likely place to meet him is where I did – on a golf course. Having just known me for 18 holes, several of which I spent on the fairway (unfortunately the wrong one), Gerry asked me how could he help over lunch . He was on our Advisory Board that afternoon.

With no disrespect to all the other board members, I’ve stated for all to hear that if one had two groups who hadn’t spoken to each other in years and lock them in a room alone with Gerry Cooney,  in a couple of hours you would come back to find them all  laughing and singing with Gerry. In my darkest hours in 2008, my phone would ring and Gerry would be on the other end, asking how I was and of course joking about how he’s “coming for me” (a classic Cooney line).

This Sunday, March 12th, you and I will be treated to a couple hours of high-energy laughter, as Gerry visits the Irish Centre in Spring Lake. I’ve often “half-joked” that if we could hang around Gerry each day, all “anti-depressants” could be thrown away.

Here are some worthy videos involving Gerry:

If ever a boxer truly deserved his nickname, Gerry did. A gentleman’s gentleman!

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