From The Desk of Peter Grandich

I initially wanted to write a long dissertation on why I decided to go “All-in on Jesus”, but I decided to make this note to you short and sweet (it may be sour to some, but so be it).

Back on January 1, 2014, I had decided to leave a livelihood that had been sewn into my fabric from almost the start of my career on Wall Street back in 1984 and I had decided to focus solely upon an alternative to traditional financial planning that was mostly an afterthought throughout my first 30 years of working in and around the financial arena.

Although I no longer get hate mail about a stock blowing up (especially from family members – lol), I have no real regrets making the change to this alternative to financial planning.

Although the investing public has been so heavily-conditioned to follow the traditional methods promoted by the Wall Street firms which have spent tens of billions of marketing dollars, it has made me wonder if focusing-upon my choice of this alternative to financial planning is really all worth it. If I were a cynic, I could be like the rest of those in the financial services industry and cry all the way to the bank while practicing methods that far more likely will benefit me rather than you. But, I can’t do that.

During this time, my walk with my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, has grown stronger and stronger. My challenge has been (and remains) not to succumb solely to the fruits of the secular world. I refuse to become like most others in the financial profession who cavalierly risk fame, fortune, friends and family for the almighty dollar. Rather, I have chosen to commit my business practices by truly going “All-in” on Christ.

After much prayer, discernment and a series of events that can’t be explained with simple coincident beliefs, I now begin the first day of the rest of my life fully attached, both in business and personally, to the “Yoke of Christ”.

Borrowing from Brother Wagner :

“So then, what precisely is the yoke of Christ for us? It is the vehicle of grace on the path of life by which we progressively and obediently come to know, love and serve God. It means being a disciple of Christ, being true to one’s vocation in life – which may be lived out in many different ways.”

For several years now, I have danced around the edges of totally immersing myself in matters of finance from a Christian perspective. I’ve written two booklets about it:

And, of course, my book, “Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid” 

But where are those few of us who are even willing to even mention our faith while working in the financial arena? As Christians, we know, for a fact, that matters of finance are the second-most talked about subject in the manual of life, the Holy Bible. Yet our work treats Jesus and His teachings mostly as an afterthought, rather than be truly-ingrained into all we do in business. Why?

“We must show our Christian colors if we are to be true to Jesus Christ.” – C.S. Lewis

The month of June will be a period of transition. The following are some of the changes that are expected to occur (God willing):

  • When the Grandich Letter was retired, I also stopped making financial markets and economic forecasts. I did so in the belief that I was somehow insulting God all those years by holding myself out as someone who can “see” the future. The truth is, no one can. However, I also heard from some very close friends in the business and many investors that I shouldn’t fold up. They felt that I managed to be more right than wrong on markets and economies over 30 years despite the fact that I had made some really bad calls too.                                                                                       Speaking about markets and economic factors has not been a focus of mine ever since switching over to a blog on Peter After much discussion with some truly Godly people in my life, and then praying over it for several weeks now, I feel “led’ to what could be describe as “meeting half-way”. We will go back to more regular commentary (but not be in the prediction racket) on markets and economic factors from a “secular” viewpoint by creating a new blog link that will just be dedicated to just that. A separate blog that will be Judeo-Christian-based named, “Faith and Finances”, which will be created and used to comment on all other matters.
  • Trinity Financial, Sports & Entertainment Management Company will continue to be a division of Peter Grandich and Company and will remain “as is”. While we will continue to support those professional athletes already a part of our company (and of course the Christian sports ministries and charitable endeavors already a part of our company fabric), most of our focus going forward will be on the general public through Peter Grandich and Company and not actively seeking professional athletes as clients. We’re most grateful for all of those already a part of us and will most graciously accept more athlete-clients that God puts into our lives.
  • Without a doubt, the biggest part of this “transition” will be to fully evolve into a pure “Judeo-Christian” organization, who will be bold in declaring it and will no longer kept under the covers.

When asked, “What’s wrong with America?”, I have stated repeatedly that “Public Storage” is the poster child for what has gone wrong in this once great nation of ours. 

While I stand by that belief, I have come to the conclusion that the ultimate single factor is that we no longer embrace the “Judeo-Christian” way of life on which this country was founded and which was allowed it to be the center of its daily life for about the first 200 years or so.

This article, best-describes how I envision what Judeo-Christian means to me. It’s also the cornerstone of the principles that my two companies practice.

Since I believe there are no denomination tags in heaven, I will not be caught up with those who choose to defy the vast majority of common beliefs that bring Catholics and Protestants together and instead focus upon a minority of different interpretations that allow the enemy of our common beliefs cause separation and division. For me, it all begins and all ends at the crucifix.

I have no doubt this “first day of the rest of my natural life” may eliminate a portion of prospective clients who would otherwise may have engaged us. But, to those who do, they will have no doubt about who we are and what we stand for.

And for me, as much as anyone else, may we never forget:

“What then shall we say to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

I appreciate your consideration of this and welcome your thoughts.