From The Desk of Peter Grandich

My wife Mary and I leave for Tralee, Ireland soon to witness our greatest blessing ever, Tara Grandich in a once in a lifetime event for her, the 2017 Rose of Tralee. Praise be to God for this gift and may all the contestants have the time of their lives.

I haven’t been on an actual vacation since 2013. Having to care for my mom from 2009 until her passing this past January, I was unable to visit Ireland, my adopted home country (became citizen thanks to marrying the most beautiful Irish Lass to ever come from County Offaly) in quite some time.

I will be away from the office starting on August 10th and in Tralee from August 13th until the 24th.

Promising my wife and myself to actually not work during that time, I’m nott answering calls, texts or emails during that time. My business partners, Dave Suckey and Tim Grable will be reachable during this period at 732-528-4800 or or

From August 25th until September 5th, I will be on a working vacation back here in New Jersey. There will be no blog posts from August 10th through the 24th, then limited ones until September 5th. I will be reviewing emails and texts during the working vacation.

My love for Ireland is well-known despite no personal Irish heritage. My love for what led me to all things Irish can be appreciated from this scene from one of the greatest Irish movies of all-time: