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Close friends and long-time clients are aware of my decision to go “All-In” on Christ and how it’s been evolving. Ironically, my work within one of my companies, Trinity Financial, Sports & Entertainment Management Company, has been in transition from being in the forefront of what we do, to taking a back seat to our much-increased work with the public-at-large.

The recent Trump/NFL “National Anthem Saga” has led us to question, what role if any, should we continue to have with professional athletes. And, if we are to continue, what, if anything, are we called to do differently?

I feel that it is important that my position on this matter, both professionally and personally, be clearly known to our professional athlete clientele, to our current clients, to future clients who may consider our services, and most importantly, to the current and retired professional athletes that make up our Advisory Board, who were consciously-selected because of their high integrity, righteousness, community involvement, exemplary role modeling, patriotism and faith.

While the escalation of events that has led to this unfortunate saga may seem to warrant discussion within the context of my discussions of the impact of social, political and economic events, I feel that one more “opinion” in an arena, that now has tens of millions chiming in, is not about to change anything or influence, anyone.

This currently-charged environment started with one athlete making what he thinks was a social justice statement and it evolved into a protest that went beyond the original social justice statement and morphed into a statement about freedom of speech, fellow-teammate support, political divisiveness, military support, patriotism and only God-knows-what-else-to-come. Confusion now abounds and this saga now means many diverse things to many different people and assuredly more “meanings” will arise from this.

I believe that all the rancor, divisive politics and all that divides us unnecessarily (left, right, liberal, conservative, color, race, religion), which exists only to create an “end” for the few who solely benefit from it, will not only continue, but also will become even more “heated” as the SSRs become further-intertwined in our society. It is those that we have to call-out and expose for the treachery in their hearts.

Just hours before this past Sunday’s series of protests became news, I wrote the following:

“Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust, in the best way, all our present difficulty.”

– Abraham Lincoln

 “In this now greatly divided country of ours, I suspect most on both sides would agree, Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest Presidents of all-time. Above is a quote of his that, IMHO, is the only answer to the plight this country finds itself in.

 I’ve written that the Judeo-Christian foundation, which this country was founded on and managed to live life around for the first 200 years or so, is being demolished. In its place, you will find three things that can be traced back to for whatever ails us -SSR!


 No, not that “SSR” but:




 None of these three factors has any real room for Jesus Christ. The sooner that those who still truly “call themselves and act” like Christians recognize and appreciate how SSR is destroying the fabric that made this “once-greatest country on Earth”, the better it will be for them to unite through prayer and teachings of Christ (and not that of any leader or protester who advocates violence and hate to achieve their means). Yes, that’s not easy to do, but if your eternal life is your end goal (and not simply the “moment or two” you really end up here in comparison), the more livable you will find that moment or two left here on Earth.”

Like it or not, this country appears to be sliding away from much of what made it and kept it going for the first 200 or so years. People can choose if that’s good or bad and act accordingly.

But that doesn’t mean I must conform to them or that my business practices must be reassessed.

Having concluded that what we do in the professional athlete arena is far less important now to the calling that I believe my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ has for our work with the public, I see no reason to radically change any of our principles and actions in how we conduct business through Trinity. How this and an ever-increasing number of social, political and economic factors will indeed impact us all, will be discussed, as always, on my Peter Grandich blog.

Finally, to those who have asked me for my personal view on the protests, I hope this photo and caption speaks for itself.

“This is the only way that an American should kneel for the American flag.”

I don’t feel that I need to make others not in agreement with my opinion to concur with mine, nor visa-versa. I do believe that there’s only one person for me to put my total, unwavering trust in and He doesn’t play football, hockey, drive NASCAR or even occupy the White House; but He died for every single one of us so we can live. One other type of person also died so we may live:

Have a most blessed day!

Peter Grandich
Managing Member



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