Grandich And The King of ZIP IT!

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I very much regret throwing out all my old videos of TV appearances I made, going back to the start of my career in 1984 (Trivia only I would be interested in – my first ever TV appearance was on the Bill Jamison Show on Monmouth Cablevision in 1985. A few years later, I would host my own show on Monmouth Cablevision called “Money & Sense”. Ironically, our producer back then was a young man named TJ Lubinsky. Anyone who watches PBS now sees TJ. He’s the creator and host of all their shows that bring back musicians and bands from different eras).


As I described in my book, my big break in the financial journalism world came when I was first invited on the old “Financial News Network” (this was before CNBC existed) in 1986. But my most “interesting” national appearance came when I went on the “Morton Downey Jr. Show”, back in the October, 1988 (However, the national interview that stood out above all, was my ABC Good Morning America spot with their Business Editor at the time, Steve Crowley. Steve and I got together again after 28 years recently- listen here).

I’ve met and became acquainted with many celebrities these past three decades; but with no disrespect to any of them, none were truly a character (and  one of the most enjoyable people I spent a few times with) like Morton Downey Jr.

I ended up doing television with him on three different occasions  and was invited to spend time with him over a meal and some drinks twice. The man you saw and knew from television was not even close to the intelligent, articulate, kind and generous man I had the pleasure of being with away from the cameras.

The first interview with Mort was thankfully put up on Youtube by someone (Thank you whoever you are). Watch here.

God rest your soul Mort!

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