Grandich Breaks His “Relative” Silence

Posted by on August 28, 2016 - 6:47 pm

Many old friends, clients and readers have noted I’ve been unusually quiet on my blogs and Facebook pages, regarding political and “in the news” stories.

I’ve purposely done so for my own peace of mind!

Yesterday, I took my niece visiting from Ireland and my wife to Monmouth Park. I made mention to them after they played the National Anthem, that I’m noticing more and more people not showing the respect one should IMHO (and that is what hopefully the vast majority of Americans still believe) when it’s played.

With the news of Colin Kaepernick actions (or lack of), I could no longer remain silent, especially after reading this superb commentary.

It was a privilege and honor to serve the NY Giants organization whenever I did bible study and chapel with them for the last 13 years. Last night, they again showed their class when the National Anthem was played:


Make no mistake about it – this lineup wasn’t by accident.


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