Grandich Commerical


While I appreciate all the business that comes from the fact that just about everybody I meet has succumb to some form of badly-flawed traditional financial planning; is somewhere on the path to realizing their financial goals are not being met by their current plan and advisor, and are literally blown away when we show them:

  • Unique and verifiable strategies to increase their wealth over and above what they’re currently are on track for
  • WE do this without taking on more risk and in fact, usually lower risk(s) they’re currently exposed to
  • Best of all, we achieve this without sacrificing their lifestyle

I feel bad from the misgivings the financial services industry has given me from the way they end up far better off personally than their clientele when it comes to such a critical factor like retirement planning.

This is so because I believe most financial service organizations focus on product based solutions. The challenge with this method is often additional cost and the future performance of the product is unknown. The other challenge is when you define success predominately on Net Worth and assets under management you lose sight of some key points.

  • We believe wealth is about managing cash flow properly, which leads to a better quality of life.
  • Cash flow is for you
  • Net Worth is what you leave for someone else

I’m often asked what’s so different than what we do versus traditional financial planning?

One of the main differences is we focus on a process to build and protect wealth with efficiency at the core. We define wealth as having the proper cash flow that gives a much higher level of quality of life. We do this through an academic approach to asset management and protection not an emotional one based upon what some product has done in the past.

One of the clues your so-called “bulletproof” traditional financial plan really isn’t, can be found in that legal disclaimer most never bother to read (or if they do, don’t grasp). In it, there’s always a part that reads something like this:

“Past performance is not indicative of future results”

Unfortunately, the public is sold and buys this everyday as if success is assured in the products that their sold. The fact is, the only thing that can be assured is a process that works and solutions that are proven in black and white – that’s what we do!

Please feel to contact me for further insight into our process.