Grandich Election Eve Comment

Posted by on November 7, 2016 - 9:17 am

Eight years ago, when I was still publishing “The Grandich Letter”, I wrote an extensive “Election Eve” commentary that stated electing Obama President would set in motion a series of events that would destroy or seriously cripple, much of what the Founders of our once great country established. This commentary was met with harsh criticism from both Americans and foreigners (we had over 15,000 subscribers around the world at that time. Canadians were the harshest).

Sadly, I truly believe I was correct so much so, that I began this year stating America was entering its worse ever economic, political and social era. Almost a year later, there’s little doubt on the political and social aspect (and despite a house of cards being supported mostly by the Federal Reserve, it too shall come crashing down before too long).

Now we face another Presidential election. I’ve purposely kept my political comments to a bare minimum, both on my blog and on social media. However, the time has come to make a short, but to the point comment, and like eight years ago, I’m more than willing to accept criticism for it.

Obama has taken us to the edge of economic, political and social abyss. Electing Hillary Clinton will push us in.

Like him or not (I’m not a jump up and down supporter), Donald Trump (and more importantly what he stands for) is the clear choice for this “God-fearing”, constitutionally-driven former “Wall Street Whiz Kid”. What he says in this two minute commercial is the truth as far as I’m concern, and in my heart of hearts, I (and I suspect at least half of all Americans do too) believe Hillary Clinton wouldn’t know truth if it was staring her in the face.

A Trump victory by no means make all my concerns go away. But a Clinton victory guarantees them IMHO.


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