Grandich Interview

Posted by on May 21, 2015 - 12:34 pm

I have literally done 1,000+ TV and radio interviews worldwide (and grateful for the ability to have done so), but very few were as enjoyable as the one I did today.

Lisa Anderson and I first met when I hosted a radio show locally on what could have been a sequel to the old “WKRP in Cincinnati” TV Show (or definitely a hit reality TV show these days). Lisa went on to host an afternoon music show on 107.1 “The Breeze” for years and many men fell in love listening to her.

Lisa now hosts a show here on the Jersey Shore called “She Got Issues” (Don’t all women-lol) and I was honored to be her guest today. You can listen by scrolling down here to the link “Wall Street Whiz Kid”.

It was great to once again be on air with Lisa (although saying I was on the “Rat” takes some getting use to –lol).

Thanks Lisa, Lisa!

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