Grandich Monkeying Around

Posted by on May 7, 2016 - 12:04 pm


I was monkeying around this morning and thought I share some of my thoughts:

  • Despite trillions of dollars of new debt, the so-called economic “recovery” from the last financial crisis has never kicked into a full-fledged economic expansion. Maybe the fact that no economic debt problem in man’s history has ever been solved by adding more debt, has something to do with it. Much of the world’s main economies are in retreat; and when the “monkey” business that’s been played with our employment numbers runs it course, America shall get a real kick in the butt to how bad eight years of “Obamanomics” has really been.


  • The apparent two presidential candidates shall not only lead to the wildest race to win the White House in America’s history, but IMHO, is a choice by both sides of the “perceived” lesser of two evils. I do believe this much; the financial markets haven’t even truly begun to price in what we’re in store for. Buckle up!
  • Having been pronounced dead by the vast amount of “Talking Heads” and the financial media that makes their living providing a platform for these often wrong “prognosticator’s”, gold has had a resurrection and is greatly outperforming so far this year. While $1,300 is an important target to surpass, the real fun shall kick in, if and when we get above $1,400. Stay tuned.
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