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Posted by on October 25, 2016 - 6:30 am

  • The reality of financial markets “Talking Heads”.
  • Little has changed in my “observations” of financial markets. Obviously the Presidential election is the most likely near term catalyst to some move of significance. Remembering no one really knows the future and yours truly is out of the prediction racket, I also suspect the FED will raise rates in December because they are tired of being known as the “Fed who cried wolf”. I don’t think it’s the beginning of any sustained rise in rates. For gold, it would be “good news” as just the constant jawboning of a rate rise is more damaging to its upside potential then the inevitable one or two bump up in interest rates.
  • A coming financial, social and religious crisis – read here
  • There remains a retirement and savings crisis thanks in part to the continuous usage of badly flawed traditional financial planning process by most in the financial services industry.
  • Steve Wynn gets it.
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