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Posted by on March 30, 2017 - 9:13 am

  • It’s exceptionally rare for me to be political here, but a subject I first wrote about in 2009 when I had my advisory newsletter, has come to the forefront now for all in the general public eyes to see. This article bares out what I spoke about first back in 2009. It’s also behind the immigration concerns spreading through Europe and here in the U.S. (whether or not it’s politically correct to say so).
  • Back in the days when I was a “legend in my own mind” and appearing regularly in the media and speaking at major investment conferences around the world, my absolute two most favorite men to be speaking side by side at those conferences were, James Grant and Jim Rogers. The latter, gave a great economic and market commentary here.
  • Teranga Gold’s CEO spoke this past week. He continues to speak very optimistically; but I continue to believe they need to restructure their outstanding shares via a reverse split and firm financing by its major shareholder.
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