Grandich Musings…From His Foxhole

Posted by on October 12, 2016 - 10:02 am


As I noted recently, I’m sitting in my foxhole most comfortably thank you!

Here are some of my recent “reading materials”:

  • The lack of real savings for retirement and other financial matters, continues to be a grave concern of mine. The fact that the vast majority of the financial services industry continues to practice a badly flawed financial planning process only exasperates an already bad situation.
  • The old “soothsayer” ways still senses a significant move in the stock market and it has downside written all over it. But I also felt the Cleveland Browns would go 16-0 this year so take it for what it’s worth-lol
  • While many Americans will soon be focused on turkey, I believe we should be far more concern about “TURKEY”!
  • We can choose if a cup is half-full or half-empty. The secular world loves to see anything and anyone “spiritually” led, half-empty. Tim Tebow, one of the very few people I would so much just like to shake their hand, is viewed by many as “half-empty”. Case in point, the reports of his performance yesterday on the field. These critics could never begin to appreciate what he was used for “off” the field the same day.
  • And may we at least return Thanksgiving Day to its rightful owners – the human race and not retailers!
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