Grandich Observations

  • One of the most interesting talks I’ve heard in years. Make sure you find time to watch it, as the gentleman’s observations are an important peg on the social, political and economic wheel coming off the axles that drive America.

  • The chart above is of little interest to most in the financial services industry because like it or not, the vast majority of advisers biggest goal is to make it into the “1%” crowd – whether their clients make it or not. But appreciating the facts behind this chart is absolute critical. But again, because it bares mostly not great news for most, its not taken into account when financial plans are made. I do, and perhaps that’s why after I do, I feel like this guy below (as the potential clients leaves and goes down the street to one of the many “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” folks who litter the financial services industry landscape).

    The middle class, is being destroyed by “monetary destruction” at the hands of the Federal Reserve. When the stock market bubble bursts this time around, the FED will be out of silver bullets. It won’t be pretty.
  • ISIS losing the battle but winning the war.
  • Hollywood taking meanness to a new low.
  • Again, in an industry that spends most of its time teaching its sales force how to capture assets and not coaching and advising, don’t expect to hear many financial advisers being well-versed on these critical demographics despite them playing a critical role on any and all concern about the future of retirement in America.
  • There’s an attempted coup underway in America by a series of groups who see Donald Trump a potential spoiler to their way of life. As noted throughout the campaign, I’m not a Trump supporter and viewed him simply a “much lesser evil” of the two we had to choose from. But whatever victories Trump supporters felt they made on Election night, has set off a movement that will only underscore my belief set in stone before  the election that America had entered its worse-ever social, political and economic era.
  • Hey Grandich, is there any good advice coming out of you these days? Yes there is:

Have a most blessed weekend!