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Posted by on September 26, 2017 - 8:34 pm

  •  My belief America has entered its worst socially and politically era should be apparent to all. Economically has been delayed; but sadly, that will make the longevity and severity of the decline even more severe.
  • Gold is trying to hold support just under $1,300, as it was very overbought thanks to fund managers piling in and who are now piling out. A technical bounce in an oversold U.S. Dollar has also played a role in gold’s correction. If I was a betting man, I would bet large on the belief it goes above $1400, without going under $1200. But since I went to Gamblers Anonymous and they gave me 2 to 1 I don’t make it, who really knows -lol.
    This article speaks the truth and it was even worse within the junior resource sector. Just another in a series of reasons I left that racket almost 4 years ago now.
  • “Fundamental discretionary traders” account for only about 10 percent of trading volume in stocks today, JPMorgan estimates. “The majority of equity investors today don’t buy or sell stocks based on stock specific fundamentals,” said JPMorgan’s Marko Kolanovic.
    As I stated before, computer trading has greatly enhanced the upside, and IMHO, it will do the same to the downside. Sons of Hal run Wall Street now.
  • And when it all comes unglued, the historians will note Janet Yellin and the FED really had no idea what they were doing.
  • Equifax is going to be a living nightmare for years to come. Only in America could the man in charge make up to $90 million while 143 million Americans could suffer from his company’s atrocious mishandling of its business. Here’s what I say to him.
  • Hillary Clinton dare speak about someone having people killed? Good God, the Clinton family would scare the crap out of Vito Corleone and Tony Soprano.
  • This will be my last commentary on my two personal stock holdings. After this, I will be glad to share my thoughts directly one on one with clients of mine. If you’re looking for someone who knows metals and mining inside out, has been my advisor too, and I go back 30+ years with, please contact Ben Johnson of First Securities Northwest.
    Nevsun Resources – Another executive is leaving, making the thought that he and a few others dropped the ball “big-time” these last 18 or so months. If only another one of this most disappointing crew would be gone, Treblicock, the new CEO and CFO would have a truly clean slate IMHO. As previously stated, most of the bad news seems to be behind us but tax-loss selling should prevent any significant rebound until 2018 at the earliest.
    I learned today that Teranga Gold CEO Richard Young 22-year old son died. My condolences. Here too, little hope for much of a rally until 2018 takes hold.
  • The current mania for tearing down statues and stifling free speech by cultural
    ingénues ignorant of history and logic, has reached a stellar absurdity in demands to
    censure “The Star Spangled Banner” on lame claims that it is racist. If ignorance is
    bliss, then those who indulge their revisionism, must be in Nirvana.

Finally, if you’re ever in doubt who I answer to (not the wife, Joe Klecko…) just remember, Hebrew National and I answer to the same “authority”.


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