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Posted by on October 3, 2017 - 9:46 am

  • Having shorted the U.S. stock market once this year for a 3% loss, I’m eyeing to do so again. Likely will wait for monthly jobs report before doing so. Over-valuation, sentiment, and an economy far weaker than most think are just some of my fundamental reasons to want to do so. My reward just may be the hat above-lol
  • The retirement fantasy is a worldwide farce.
  • Speaking of farces, the Trump tax-cut plan gives “three-card-monte” players a run for their money.
  • A few years back when I was still publishing “The Grandich Letter”, I wrote about the coming bankruptcy of Puerto Rico and to avoid all investments related to it. The major reason was the total corruption throughout the Island. While it’s truly sad to see what a Cat 5 hurricane did to it, even sadder is the San Juan Mayor accusations that the mainstream media exploited. Anyone with any real knowledge of the true state of the Island before the storm, can appreciate the enormity of what it is to bring true relief there not in days, weeks or even months. Sadly, the people who can least afford to be part of political grandstanding, are suffering the most from it.
  • I suspect that the belief the U.S. dollar will return to bullish status is overdone, and also a key contributing factor to weakness in gold price. The low in this gold correction is likely between today and Friday’s job report. But I also never saw the NY Giants 0-4, so what do I know?
  • I avoid virtually all social and political commentary both here on my blog and on social media itself, but this CNN reporter should be totally ashamed of himself for what he said. 
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