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Posted by on July 11, 2016 - 7:27 am

Look for stocks to rally possibly into Labor Day, but know whats waiting behind the curtain.

  • This is perhaps one of the best videos I’ve viewed in years about the #1 economic problem in the world today. Unfortunately, many won’t either take the time to watch it, or begin to appreciate its findings. Some will ask their financial adviser opinion of it; but knowing the likelihood that person is a card-carrying member of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd that makes up much of the financial services industry (or just sells and has little real knowledge or consideration of real economics), they will deter them from paying attention to what is said.
    To the small minority who take the time to view it – know it’s when what is implied happens, not if.
  • John Crudele of the NY Post and yours truly has long argued that the monthly employment reporting process is corrupt and not a highly accurate mechanism.
    In Friday’s release, it was reported that the previous two months numbers were revised by more than 50% from their original report. Mark my word, a month from now so shall this report be greatly adjusted.
    Please listen to my interview this past Friday on the Drew Mariani Show where I discuss this latest number on detail.
  • While I don’t live and breathe every up and downtick in gold and silver anymore, I still feel a bit knowledgeable after it being a good part of my life for three decades.
    While corrections and consolidation shall be unavoidable, I believe a new, mega bull market is well underway and eventually we shall witness new, all-time nominal highs in both gold and silver. Such belief doesn’t help my livelihood in any manner as I only own two stocks (one a pure gold producer and another a multi-metal producer).
    I take comfort that 99% of American investors and the so-called professionals who advise them, have no real measurable exposure to gold and silver. I suspect they will continue to resist doing so, but be thankful they do. We’ll need someone to sell to once we make those highs-lol.
  • I admire and respect very few voices on Wall Street, but one that I do unlike just about any other, said the following to me over the weekend in an email:

“…As you know, I have a very strong view that the entire market is built on sand, and but for the historic, and dare I say, reckless actions of our Federal Reserve, we would be having a much different conversation. One of the many things that I have learned is people think they want to hear the truth, but in fact, they just want to hear what supports his or her dogma, and makes them feel secure. Since 99% of the investing population has a vested interest in the market going higher, they don’t want to hear the reasons why the market is trading at all-time highs. Market performance ends all arguments. Understanding that, it is important to be measured and respectful of the price action, while being true to my beliefs. This is going to end in tragic fashion…”

  • And finally, I found for myself that I needed only one congressman’s comments with the FBI Director to conclude the bottomline truth to the Hillary Clinton email fiasco.
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