Grandich Ponders

Posted by on August 10, 2016 - 7:13 am

While the vast majority within the financial services industry “party on”, yours truly believes America is on the threshold of its worse ever economic, social and political period.

By all means keep the party going through Summer’s unofficial end (Labor Day), but know I saved a spot for you next to me.


Meanwhile, chew on the following:

  • As each day passes, more and more evidence suggests to this former soothsayer that the hoopla over a supposed fantastic jobs report is less and less justified.
  • While the mania of Central Banks “ALL-IN” mentality has artificially held up most financial markets, the gravely negative impacts of historically low (and actual negative) interest rates hasn’t risen to the surface yet. But those who peek under the carpet are shaking in their boots.
  • Your not alone if you feel worse off than a decade ago.
  • What’s a mere $32 trillion short fall among friends?
  • Having once lived “24/7” gold and related markets, I still keep an “eye” on the gold price (especially since outside of cash, most of my personal investment dollars are in gold-related investment vehicles). I believe we’re in the earliest stages of a mega gold bull market. I believe in just a couple years, we can make a new, nominal all-time high at $2,000+ an ounce. Because some old clients and friends continue to ask, I will try to write a specific comment on gold in the next few weeks. For now, know this stealth bull market in both gold and silver is only getting started IMHO.
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