Grandich Prayer and Email Sent To His Daughter

Posted by on November 8, 2016 - 8:36 am

Lord God, we desperately need your wisdom. You have given us a great country, founded on principles and truths from Your Word. We need men and women who will honor You, trust You, and lead us once again back to You. We pray for servant leaders who love the things You love and who care more about others than themselves.
Give us leaders with discerning hearts, bold faith, and wise minds that model Your character. Teach them—and us—not just what is good, but what is best. Guide them in the way our country should go. Give them purity in their intentions, and godliness in their convictions. Energize their spirits and bodies physically and spiritually, and keep them emotionally secure in the knowledge of who You are—and whose they are. Help them to be bighearted and sincere, energetic in goodness, and courteous in their manners.
Raise up leaders with the greatest potential of godly leadership, those who can ease confusion, expose illusion, and heal delusion. You alone hold the power to turn the hearts of leaders, but You listen and use our prayers to move them into right action. Help us to be faithful to care and to pursue Your heart in prayer.


An email to my daughter:

My Dearest Tara,

I pray for Trump to win for selfish reasons – your well-being.

If he doesn’t, I’m afraid this country, already in sharp decline from eight years of the worse President in America’s history, will fall into the abyss.

The year you were a junior in college in Australia was tough on me and your mom, and the thought of being a far distance away from you for the rest of our natural lives hurts my heart.

But if an opportunity at work opens up to live and work in Australia or Ireland, please know I love you so much I will endure the separation in exchange for knowing you will be a better place than what this once great country will surely become with a Clinton Presidency.


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