Grandich Self-Storage Factor – The Emblem of America’s Addiction to Stuff

Posted by on February 18, 2016 - 6:53 am


I have long stated that one of the biggest maladies with the American economy is our obsession with “stuff.” We’re spending and consuming way too much and living far beyond our means. There is no bigger and more obvious symbol of our overspending than this generation’s newest bounty industry: self-storage facilities. In essence, public storage sites symbolize everything that’s wrong with our skewed, distorted values here in the USA. We need a 12-step cure from our stuff. Until we, as a society, can go into full-blown and long-term recovery from our addiction to spending and excess; until we realize that consumption has not left us happier, richer or more fulfilled; until self-storage facilities start closing down for lack of renters instead of breaking ground on new complexes, our economy will never be on solid footing.

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