Grandich Sooner Hug Jerry Jones and Chris Christie

Posted by on January 9, 2016 - 10:33 am


DAP NEWS (Disassociated Press Newswire) January 9, 9:00AM – While reports mount former NY Giants Coach Coughlin is set to interview with the “Arch-Enemy” Philadelphia Eagles, another person who “retired” from the NY Giants with “zilch” coverage, Peter Grandich, is denying reports he’s also interviewing with the Eagles.

“While I pray Coach Coughlin doesn’t end up in Philly, rest assured no amount of bible studies, chapels and prayers can save the Philadelphia Eagles (and especially their fans), from the evil demonic grip that holds that cities sports teams and fans. I sooner sit in the owner’s box with Jerry Jones, hugging Chris Christie, then become part of the Eagles ministry team,” said Peter Grandich

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