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Posted by on October 30, 2017 - 9:28 am

  • I debated over the weekend to add to my U.S. stock market short position but decided to await for the expected announcement of who will be the next FED Chairman (and also Friday’s monthly employment follies) before making any decisions. I do believe the bubble is about to burst and the Trump “will raise all boats” dream, is about to hit stormy weather.
  • Thanks to a countertrend rally in the U.S. Dollar, the seemingly never-ending rally in equities, and the parabolic rise of Bitcoin, gold has weakened but remains in a long-term uptrend. It’s the one investment vehicle I would have no problems taking for a drive.
  • I shared my thoughts a few weeks ago on the standing for the national anthem debate, and more importantly, how “SSR” is at the root of what ails America. I now see one of my Trinity board members (Darian Barnes) made national news over the weekend. Both he and the Refs that walked off are convinced their assessment is the right one. I suspect like most others, their views are “non-negotiable” in their minds. That’s part of the deeper issue – the middle ground (and middle class) is rapidly disappearing.
  • I noted consideration for a “fourth edition” of my book in 2018. A poster on Facebook said the following about me and my book:

“I had the great blessing of meeting Peter 3 years ago when the Lord brought him to my attention via Relevant Radio. I read a couple of chapters of his book online and knew I had to meet this man. He immediately accepted my request for a meeting and has become a friend I will have for the rest of my life. I’ve read and re-read his book several times. Peter’s willingness to bare his soul to the reader, unashamedly sharing his experiences through some very dark times and provide testimony as to how the Lord was faithful to bring him through it is a source of great encouragement as I battle my own demons. I am convinced that Peter could have physical wealth far beyond what he has today, but his conscious decision to use his talent to promote the things of God, assist those in great need, and provide professional athletes with both financial and spiritual guidance truly speaks to the kind of man he is. I’m not sure how a 4th edition could make the book any better but I urge anyone who hasn’t done so to please read this book and you will gain both financial advice from a solid Biblical perspective as well as a riveting story of a man whom God has never forsaken. Thank you for everything my friend!”  John Garmendi – John’s words reminded me of the mission I’m on now and to stay focused on it for whatever remains of my natural life.

  • As my “All-In” on Jesus quest continues, I continue to anticipate a new “markets and economy only” blog, that will be for clients only and require an access code (I will give interested parties “short-term” access, one-time), commencing on or before January 1, 2018. The current PGC website will remain, and be for all other matters. The Trinity website will receive a make-over afterward.

Have a most blessed week!



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