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  • In regards to the U.S. stock market, I noted last Friday that by day’s end I would be short if I was a trader (I’m not nor should most even try to be) and would have greatly reduced general U.S. equity holdings.
    There are too many reasons to note here, but some include:

Believe it or not, the economy actually ends up having some impact on the stock market despite what currently seems like an atmosphere that what the FED does is the only thing that matters.

We continue to see mounting evidence that the U.S. economy is rolling over and despite this misguided FED fairytale, Yellen and crew don’t have any silver bullets left.


I’m far from alone in my belief that China’s rate cut was not the good news the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd would like the sheep investors in their flock to believe. In addition, Obama’s is playing with fire messing with China at a time when our role on the world stage has seemingly reduced us to a paper tiger. Geopolitical issues have mounted while the “Happy” people have chosen to ignore them. That too shall end up a very costly decision to the flock.

  • Anyone who has speculated oil prices would rebound strongly and stay up has been sadly mistaken. I continue to believe a real bottom ends up having a low $30s print, if not briefly a twenty-something price tag. A $1.50 gas price here in the NY/NJ area appears to be a coming Christmas present for millions of drivers. Unfortunately, it means all sorts of problems on the economic front here and abroad.
  • I continue to believe the auto-loan bubble is the tipping point to the next financial crisis.
  • This video shows two Presidents – One I pray to God there’s one like in this upcoming election and another I pray please not anything like him again!
  • Most of us are “forced” to participate in the biggest Ponzi scheme in the world!
  • A must watch did you know video for us in the Tri-State area.
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