Grandich Tidbits


  • The economic recovery “mirage” is now several years old. The latest monthly employment release was once again a “piece of work”. John Crudele continues to paint the reality of it in his columns.
  • The entitlement time bomb fuse is even shorter than most think.
  • I live in a 55 and over community. In the last few weeks, several residents have been victims of fraud.
  • To all those investors who think they can beat the stock market and don’t know (or refuse to accept the fact) that 80% of so-called money managers can’t even beat putting one’s money in an index fund, I give you Gordon Gedko – his type are among the very few who beat the market (versus visa-versa).
  • Rather than write a long dissertation about how close most investors and professionals alike are to getting their head handed to them – yet again, I shall simply post a few cartoons that IMHO, strongly suggest what’s around the corner.

Bull_goes____07_11_2014_large"Mr. Harlow, let me give you a piece of advice: Everything is a bubble."cartoons-from-around-the-world-about-the-market-crash_jpgStock-market-1987