Grandich Tidbits


  • Unless you sell guns, ammo, survival kits, log cabins deep in the woods or gold, it’s not personally profitable to state America is on the threshold of its worse economic, social and political crisis ever!  But that’s what yours truly shares here and trust me, it doesn’t win friends and influence people. Perhaps the best email since becoming so bearish was this one:

“I go to bed each night Mr. Grandich knowing you’re right about America’s future but pray when I wake up your timing is off.”

When I use to speak regularly on the investment conference circuit here and abroad, one newsletter writer named Jim Dines use to say when asked about market timing, “Pity the poor guy who invented Preparation G.” His pun was to point out that in trading, just being off a little could be a big difference in results. But when it comes to cyclical changes, I’ve learned it’s better to be a year too early than a day too late.

Being a live chicken versus a dead duck is the only path I know until further notice. Now where’s that solar light and spam?

  • On the social, these two issues will become more important in our long-term assessments.
  • The multi-year bear market in gold and related investments continue to have more signs that the decline is/has come to an end. More news stories like Molycorp going bankrupt and the Toronto Gold Show being cancelled (I do miss going to those shows) are just some of the classic bottom developments. But a potential “barn-burner” of bullish news may be in the works – China and a gold-backed currency. Stay tuned.