Grandich Tidbits


  • The Robin Williams estate saga is unfortunately all too common for those of us involved in estate planning. Despite a clear significant improvement in individual understandings of financial markets since I first entered Wall Street back in 1984, I continue to see widespread ignorance (or worse, think they can deal with it later in life only to find when they finally do, it’s much more costly or now impossible to achieve) when it comes to estate planning.

One of the biggest misconceptions is one thinks they must have lots of assets to even consider estate planning – WRONG!

  • Just another in a series of reasons yours truly is not a big fan of most annuities.
  • NY Post Columnist John Crudele has once again shown not to be tied to the hip of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd that controls Wall Street and many of the so-called financial journalists who report on them.
    John has been doing a series of articles on how the monthly employment numbers have been greatly massaged to create the illusion of a strong economy. I concur that tomorrow’s release could be yet another “fairytale,” and the sheep on Wall & Broad will run with it (as they always do).