Grandich Tidbits

  • While my “soothsayer” outfit was retired earlier this year, I have personally taken a ‘live chicken versus a dead duck” attitude towards U.S. stocks and bonds. I’ve noted I never seen both individual and professional investors so complacent in my 30+ years in and around Wall Street.
  • “Smoke and mirrors” have not been confined to just the monthly employment numbers. Many publicly-held companies have been greatly ‘massaging” their earnings reports and they too shall pay the piper before too long.
  • Back in 1987, Robert Prechter Jr. walked on water too many who worked on Wall Street. I will never forget him writing an unsolicited letter to the Chairman of the brokerage firm I was working for at the time, commending me for my market crash forecast. This “wet behind the ears” Market Strategist was so taken back and truly appreciated Robert’s kind gesture to this day.
  • The best places to retire in the U.S.? You be surprise to the answer.
  • Having given up all sodas and especially diet ones a few years ago, I can attest to how much better it is for you. To this day I can still remembering ordering a Hamburger Deluxe with a diet coke thinking I was making up for the fries – DUMMY!

Last but certainly not least, I was reminded yesterday why I appreciate so much my friendship with Money Manager Michael Pento. For many people, low-cost index funds are a preferred route when equities and bonds are involved – IMHO. But for those who warrant active money management, I personally trust only one person – Michael.
The “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd on Wall Street and many in the financial media who cater to them, love to take shots at Michael for his outspoken views. It won’t be too long now when those folks shall be running for cover and won’t have the guts or courtesy to utter words almost never heard on Wall Street.