Grandich Tidbits

'Relax, Mr. Edwards! Here at Mega Financial Services, we're dedicated to making the separation of a fool from his money an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!'

  • While my “Soothsayer” suit may or may not end up in the Smithsonian (bet on won’t), I can predict that a swell of investors will cry out in the midst of the coming financial crisis, “Why didn’t anybody warn us?”
    Their financial advisers (many of whom are card-carrying members of the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd) will sing this to them while they count all their own personal money (which if history is any indication, will not be anywhere near at risk as their own clients).

Those who read this blog and especially this writing, shall not have the same excuse!

  • I’ve echoed what Danielle DiMartino Booth says here and couldn’t agree more with the comments made in this article.
  • One of the very few financial journalists not tied to the hip of Wall Street is John Crudele. He too echo’s my sentiments here.
  • I cringe every time I hear a private investor thinking they can beat the market trading it. Never have they been more up against it as they’re in today’s market playing field.

Someone found online an article quoting me from back in 1989. If only I knew back then what I know now.