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  • I’ve noted for several months that the monthly employment reports were highly suspect and stated they were not representative of the real economy. John Crudele of the NY Post continues to uncover what I believe shall be yet another scandal during the Obama administration.

Given the trillions of dollars of new debt that has been created in recent years under “Quantitative Easing”, it’s been my assessment that the U.S. economy wasn’t remotely in the shape the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd on Wall Street and much of the financial media that makes their living off of them would have you believe.

When the one-percenters see the financial markets turn against them, they too shall conclude not only the overall poor job Obama has done, but we’re indeed on the threshold of America’s worse economic, social and political crisis ever.

  • Now in my fourth decade in and around the financial arena, I’ve never seen the general public and the so-called “professional” investment community so complacent while actual economic, social and political factors should be of great concern. This article notes a former member of the “horse’s mouth” realistic assessment and warning. 2015 shall be the year the “what if” the inevitable bubble bursts turns into how bad things shall be after the bubble bursts
  • While not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, the gold price has continued to defy regular onslaught of calls for its demise and a fall well below $1,000. It has managed to resist many fundamentals that should have caused it to crack and return to the relic so many in the media love to call it.

But despite constantly having to fight against just about everybody’s view (outside of the dwindling goldbugs camp), the fundamentals are improving. A few consecutive closes above $1,300 will drive a dagger into the boatload of gold bears and send the rest into hibernation.


  • We speak about age and wealth demographics impacting the future but this may be the biggest of them all.
  • With Easter and Passover just concluded, I was honored to see one of North America’s most worthy financial journalist provide his readers with a link to my “Biblical Perspective on Matters of Finance.”
  • Do most of the reporters on the economy all look the same? If you said yes – congrats. And here’s why
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