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Posted by on August 27, 2015 - 7:40 am


  • I personally wouldn’t run out and invest money into commodities today. But I do think it’s an area that much of the downside risk is gone and if there’s any investors left who look out past their nose, could offer some speculative value looking out the next 1-3 years.

Having felt oil would fall into the $30s when it was above $85, here too one should start to consider some allocation to as the leaves start to fall and the first reports of snow start to come in.

  • As stated for months, China has been the engine that has pulled the world economies – not the U.S. Anyone expecting it to return to high growth shall be very disappointed. Much what has been masked is now being seen and it isn’t pretty. The big downside to communists trying to be capitalists is being exposed.


  • One of the true joys I had when I regularly spoke at investment conferences was the time I had with a handful of well-known speakers. No one was more enlightening and fun to be with than Jim Grant (who going back to the early 90s, some of us called “Clark Kent”). Here’s just one of many excellent commentaries from Jim and one of the very few people I still learn from.



  • I’ve shown this video because I believe the good professor was spot-on in his overall assessment of one of the biggest issues in my belief we entered the worse economic, social and political ever in America. This article about my home state is unfortunately typical across the U.S., where more and more are getting in the wagon. Trust me, those who are getting behind Trump are mostly wagon “pullers”.
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